Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweatshop Free Tees

I order "team" t-shirts for work on a semi-regular basis.  It's hard to find fair-trade/USA made shirts that aren't $20.00+ each. (American Apparel, I love you, but not when I need 30 shirts for a summer camp).

I'm so happy about these three options!  Next time you need some screen printing done, try requesting these:

Canvas - USA Made Short Sleeve T-Shirt - 3001U

Best of all:

I haven't purchased here yet because my order doesn't exceed the minimum this time, but THIS COMPANY IS AMAZING!  Freeset also custom prints and makes stylish jute bags...ideal for events. 

From their website:
"Made from fair tradeorganic certified cotton, you can wear Freeset tees with pride knowing they're eco-friendly and making a difference in women's lives! 

Freeset tees are made by women in Kolkata, India who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Freeset has given them an alternative - a way to find freedom. They have learned new skills and now earn a respectable, shame-free living making tees for you!"


Do you know of other places to get ethically made t-shirts? Share them with me if you do!

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