Tuesday, August 28, 2012

online shopping

Soooo... I'm a terribly inconsistent blogger.  I apologize to my two dear friends who actually read this. :)
Here's a complain-y story for you:

I spent a looong time last Sunday shopping online for some needed clothing items.  It took me 5 hours because I was determined to only purchase clothes that clearly stated "made in the USA."  I was pretty proud of my discoveries in the end.  I'd never bought clothes online before, so I was a little nervous about sizing... but thought I'd give it a try.

Clothes arrived.  Love them.  Two items are CLEARLY marked "made in China."

I'll be calling to ask this retailer to update their web description and I'll try not to sound grumpy about it.  I'm too lazy to return them (and the jeans fit really well), so I feel a wee bit guilty.

But really... what about truth in advertising? Come on!